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Sodalime HC Medisize

18,90 incl. VAT

Use Medisize Soda lime in your Rebreather

Soda lime HC by Medisize is an absorbent for Carbon Dioxide to use in your rebreather. The Sodalime has unique characteristics which give it a high capacity for carbon dioxide absorption.

Your advantages using Medisize Soda lime HC in your rebreather compared to other soda lime products:

  • higher absorption capacity
  • lower dust levels
  • indicator from white to violet

Grain -size: 2,5 – 5 mm
CO2 absorption: 200 lt / kg
4,5kg Jerrycan
Durability: 5 years

Out of stock

Medisize sell its CO2 absorbent lime also under following tradenames for their sodalime:

  • Medisorb
  • Agasorb
  • Sefasorb
  • Limepak
  • Prosorb

Transportation: Soda lime is NOT classed as toxic goods because it have less than 3,5% sodium hydroxide.

Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 20 cm


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